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Should You Iron Your Bed Sheets? Here’s how to do it Right!

Should you iron your bed sheets?

There is a great feeling of pleasure and comfort in getting between freshly laundered and pressed sheets. Bedding that looks pristine and neat gives the bedroom a professional looking finish. It also gives guest room bedrooms that aren’t used frequently a luxury feel.

Certain fabric will crease more than others. If you hate the idea of having to iron your sheets every time you wash them, avoid 100% cotton and linen. Instead, go for a cotton-polyester blend which will be easier to iron and less likely to crease in the first place.

Wash your bed linen according to the care labels, and use a fabric softener which will keep each fibre smooth and soft, prolonging the life of each item. Iron your sheets and duvet covers whilst they are still slightly damp. Fold the bed linen before ironing to create sharp creases.

Here we will discuss how to use a Domena MAC5 steam ironing press to press your bed linen.

With a Domena MAC5 steam ironing press you can iron comfortably, standing up at a counter, or sitting at a table whilst watching TV, hence eliminating backache and boredom of using a conventional iron.

These steam presses have a pressing bed that it equivalent to the size of 5 traditional irons! This large space means that you can press more area of your bed sheets at one time.

The pressing handle is comfortable and ergonomic, therefore,  the operating the steam ironing press top plate to press is consequently easy and lightweight.

Domena MAC5 Steam ironing press

The hottest setting of the thermostat is linen (roughly 230 c). This is too hot for cotton sheets, so you would set the thermostat to cotton (roughly 204 c).

With its automatic and wide-angle opening, you can fit a whole sheet at the back of the steam press is readiness for pressing.

Prepare you sheets by folding length-ways. The Domena MAC5 steam presses can cope with pressing at least 4 layers of fabric, making the job of pressing your bed linen very fast.

Fold the sheet / duvet cover into the back of the press in a concertina manner – there is plenty of room.

Bring a section of the sheet forward onto the pressing bed. Next, lower the handle to half way – this will bring the steam function into action. Let the steam penetrate the fabric for about 5 seconds. Lower the handle fully and press away. Pull the pressed part of the sheet forward onto your lap and pull the next layer onto the pressing bed.

Domena MAC5 steam ironing press

The SP4400 steam ironing press features a finishing table,which provides a particularly increased ironing surface and makes the folding of the linen much easier, especially for large items.

Lift the table upwards and you can fold your linen. Putting back into ironing position is easy.


Linen is folded out of heating space so risk of burning is avoided as the hands are away from the heating plate.

Continue in this way until you have finished. Now you can enjoy a fresh, crisp professional finish to your bedding.

Find out more about Domena MAC5 steam ironing presses here.

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Why Use a Domena MAC5 Steam Ironing Press?

Can you imagine sitting in a chair and doing your ironing whilst catching up with your TV programmes?

Well with the Domena MAC5 steam ironing press you can and you can also considerably cut your ironing time down with professional results.

No more backache or arm ache whilst achieving the most tedious of chores in the surprisingly shortest of time using the steam ironing press.

Domena MAC5 SP1900 steam ironing press
SP1900 Steam Ironing Press

With the MAC5 steam ironing press, the top plate, when pulled down will give 33 g/cm2 of pressure, which, along with the generated steam, will give fantastic results on any item of laundry.

The MAC5 Steam Presses can give up to 200 g steam per minute – an incredible tool for your ironing.

All Domena MAC5 models of the steam ironing press all work with a steam generator system.

Cold water is held in the water container, then, as steam is called for, this water is drawn into the steam generator, which heats the water, generating and delivering steam to the clothes press or iron.

Domena Mac5 steam ironing presses are protected against scale by using the CAPT anti-scale cartridges. Read more about the CAPT system here.

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Arriving in December 2017: RME715 Professional Iron

If you find you have a large pile of ironing to get through, the RME715 professional iron will help you whizz through it surprisingly quickly.

This professional iron takes 5 minutes to heat up, during which time, you can organise your laundry into piles, position your ironing board, and get your water ready. The water container capacity is .65l, and can be refilled at any time to give uninterrupted ironing.

RME715 professional iron

With it’s 4 bar pressure of perfect steam emission, creases in garments will disappear significantly quicker than most other irons.

The 1.5mm thick 18/10 stainless steel boiler with external heating element ensures steam is always ready, whilst the chromium plated body of this professional iron makes it strong and durable. Equally important is the anti drip sole plate to prevent those annoying drips that you have to iron out again.

Also, the steam cable is a particularly long 2 metres, which can be controlled with the clip on cable holder.

Additionally, the RME715 professional iron features:

  • Steam delivery adjustment
  • 5.9 kg in weight
  •  Useful removable water tank to refill any time during ironing process




  • RME715 professional ironPrecise thermostatic control to select the right temperature according to each ironing program

With it’s option of continuous steam, you can also steam upright fabrics, such as curtains.

The RME715 professional iron would be a perfect companion to our ASM650 large heated ironing board with suction and blowing functions. It can be plugged directly into the board for a professional feel and results.

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Our Latest Exciting Product – the ASM650 Active Ironing Board

Introducing the ASM650 Active Ironing Board

with Three functions giving crisp, professional ironing results.

Arriving next week is our most recent exciting product.

ASM650 ironing board with sucking and blowing heated surface will help you perform professional ironing results. ASM650 prevents steam and smells from going back up while ironing, removes condensate and the consequent dripping under the board; linen is well ironed and dry on both sides. Your work becomes precise and quick, if you enable the proper pedals:

The ASM650 active ironing board has three functions.

  1. A heated board speeds up ironing, and will prevent your board getting wet.
  2. A suction function will suck the cover into the board, allowing fabrics to be adherent to the working surface, thus avoiding crease formation.
  3. A blowing function lifts the most delicate fabrics, which can be ironed without being squashed, or you can just skim over the fabric with the steam from your iron.

There is also an electrical socket to connect your own steam iron, which will fit easily onto the fold-out iron holder.

Fully foldable with 2 wheels for easy transport to a cupboard, or keep it up all the time in your laundry room.